(A) Marine-based projects

1. Maldives (Indian Ocean; Holocene-Pliocene)

A. RV Meteor cruise M74/4 – December 2007. Seismic stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Neogene carbonate platform of the Maldives: Sea level and climate control on platform development and sedimentation dynamics on the slope of a carbonate platform. Co-PI’s: C. Betzler (Hamburg), C. Hübscher (Hamburg).

B. IODP Maldives Monsoon Expedition 359 – October/November 2015. Currents, monsoon and sea level in the Indian Ocean: the Neogene of the Maldives.

2. Saya de Malha Bank – Mascarene Plateau (SW Indian Ocean; Holocene-Pliocene)

RV Sonne cruise SO-270 – September-October 2019. Saya de Malha Carbonates, Oceanography and Biogeochemistry (Western Indian Ocean), Cruise No. SO270 MASCARA . Co-PI’s: C. Betzler, S. Lindhorst, T. Lüdmann, K. Emeis (all at Hamburg); T. Rixen (Bremen); J.-C. Braga (Granada).

3. Bahamas (Pleistocene-Holocene)

A. RV Meteor cruise M95 Cruise – March/April 2013. High-resolution analysis of sediment distribution on Miocene-Holocene carbonate slopes and distribution of present-day cold-water corals. Co-PI’s: C. Betzler, C. Hübscher, T. Lüdmann (Hamburg), G.P. Eberli (Miami).

B. CARAMBAR Cruise 1.5 – November 2014. High-resolution analysis of sediment distribution on the Holocene reef to upper slopes transect of Little Bahama Bank. P.I.: T. Mulder (Bordeaux). Funded by TOTAL.

C. CARAMBAR Cruise 2 – Winter 2016/2017. High-resolution analysis of sediment distribution on carbonate submarine fans. P.I.: T. Mulder (Bordeaux). Funded by the French Science Foundation and TOTAL.

(B) Field-based projects

1. Carbonate gravity deposits. 

Lab-based experiments using natural carbonate sands in the EUROTANK facilities at Utrecht University. MSc projects VU University Amsterdam, 2015-2016. Funded by TOTAL.

2. Non-marine carbonates (Spain). 

Petrophysical characterization of non-marine carbonate sedimentary systems. BSc and MSc projects, 2014-2017, initial funding by VU University Amsterdam. Related to the non-marine Pre-Salt project of BP.

3. Carbonate facies and fractures

A. Ricla (N-Spain). Facies and fracture distribution along a carbonate ramp system (Jurassic, Teruel, Spain). VU University Amsterdam project, 2011-2016. Co-supervisor: G. Bertotti (TU Delft, The Netherlands). Ph.D.: L. Kleipool.

B. Las Negras – Cariatiz (SE Spain). Facies and fracture distribution along carbonate platform systems (Miocene, Sorbas-Las Negras, Spain). BSc and MSc projects VU University Amsterdam, 2014-2016.

C. Fractures Brazil. Facies and fracture distribution along an Upper Cretaceous carbonate platform. MSc projects VU University Amsterdam in cooperation with Federal University of Rio Grande Norte State (Natal, Brazil) and PetroBras, 2012-2016.Co-Pi’s: G. Bertotti (TU Delft, The Netherlands), F.H. Bezerra (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brasil), C. Cazarin (Petrobras). MSc projects VU University Amsterdam. Funded by PetroBras.

4. Petrophysics

A. Petrophysical variations – Spitsbergen (Norway). Petrophysical characterisation of cool-water, tropical and mixed sedimentary systems (Permian-Carboniferous, Spitsbergen, Norway). VU University Amsterdam project in cooperation with Norsk Polar Institute (Dierk Blomeier) and University of Bremen (Christian Scheibner), 2013-2017, Ph.D.: E. Jafarian.

B. Sobrarbe delta petrophysics. Petrophysical characterisation of deltaic facies realms. MSc projects VU University Amsterdam in cooperation with Pau Arbués (Universitat de Barcelona), 2013-2016. Start funded by SHELL.

5. Unconventionals

Pakistan. Geological characterisation of the unconventional shale-gas prospects of the Indus basin: a pioneering study towards energy efficient Pakistan. Project leaders: Sajjad Ahmad and Suleman Khan (University of Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan) in cooperation with Dirk Kroon (Edinburgh, UK).