PhD Students

2022 – Moaz Abd Altawab Salih (CPG-KFUPM), Main supervisor. Petrophysics and geochemistry of Permo-Triassic sedimentary systems. Now Post-Doc at CPG-KFUPM (KSA).

2021 – Cas Nooitgedacht (CPG-KFUPM, Dhahran, KSA and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Main supervisor. Fracture systems and fluid flow. Now highschool/college teacher in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

2018 – Stefan de Graaf (CPG-KFUPM, Dhahran, KSA and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Main supervisor together with Hubert Vonhof (MPI, Mainz). Water isotopes of fluid inclusions as a record of basinal fluid flow and coral calcification. Now Post-Doc at the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry, Mainz, Germany.

2018 – Elham Jafarian (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Main supervisor. Petrophysical and textural properties of carbonate and non-carbonate depositional systems (Carboniferous-Permian, Spitsbergen). Former Post-Doc at VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Now researcher in Iran.

2017 – Luuk Kleipool (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Main supervisor. Physical and mechanical properties of carbonate sedimentary systems. Now employed by SHELL International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.        

2017 – Renee Janssen (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Co-supervisor. Isotopes records in vertebrate fossils – from Cretaceous seas to Quaternary Sundaland. Former Post-Doc at the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry, Mainz, Germany. Now in training with Spaarne Hospital as radiotherapy  laboratory specialist (Haarlem, The Netherlands) 

2016 – Ludivine Chabaud (University of Bordeaux, France), Co-supervisor. “Modèle stratigraphique et processus sédimentaires au Quaternaire sur deux pentes carbonatées des Bahamas (leeward et windward) » – Sedimentation patterns on the slopes of Little – and Great Bahama Bank. Employment not known.

2014 – Andreas Paul (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Main supervisor. The Mid-Pleistocene to Holocene evolution of the Maldives carbonate platform. Formerly employed as Data Researcher, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Now Data Analist with Axelspace (Alicante, Spain).

2012 – Gaëlle Doitteau (Université de Provence, Marseille, France), Co-supervisor. The application of fossil distribution patterns: A comparison between living and fossil bivalves assemblages. Employment not known.

2011 – Cees van der Land (VU University Amsterdam in cooperation with Royal NIOZ, Netherlands), Co-supervisor. Impact of diagenesis on carbonate mound formation. Now employed by Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

2009 – Bram Van der Kooij (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Co-supervisor. From carbonate margin to ocean – Paleoceanography and diagenesis of Carboniferous carbonate margins in Northwest Spain. Now employed by SHELL, The Netherlands.

2008 – Ali-Reza Piryaei (Université de Provence, Marseille, France), Main supervisor. The influence of obduction on the Cenomanian to Coniacian deposits in the Fars Province (Neyriz area) and southern Offshore (S. Iran). Now employed by NIOC, Iran.

2008 – Klaas Verwer (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Co-supervisor. Spatial models of carbonate platform anatomy. Now employed by STATOIL, Norway.

2006 – Thorsten Bauch (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. Carbonate-siliciclastic facies patterns related to the closure of the Central American Seaway: A comparison between the Pliocene of Costa Rica and the present-day Gulf of Panama and Gulf of Chiriqui. Now employed by Schlumberger, Germany.

2004 – Lars Reuning (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. The origin of sub-Milankovitch cycles in Early Pliocene carbonate platform sediment: Bahamas vs. Maldives. Now employed by the Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany.

2003 – Sven Roth (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. Holocene climate variations recorded on the western flank of Great Bahama Bank. Now Independent Consultant, Furtwangen im Schwarzwald, Germany.

2000 – Nils Andresen (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. Sediment composition of periplatform sediments and calciturbidites around Pedro Bank, southwestern Caribbean Sea. Now Independent Consultant, Austin, Texas, USA.

2000 – Peter Emmermann (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. Mineralogy, geochemistry and microfacies of late Quaternary periplatform sediments: Carbonate export and secondary processes – Sanganeb Atoll and Abington Reef, Sudan, Central Red Sea. Owner XRD-XRF service company.

2000 – Rebecca Rendle (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. Quaternary slope development and sedimentology of the western, leeward margin of Great Bahama Bank (ODP Leg 166). Now employed by Bremen University, Germany.

2000 – Jens Zinke (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. Development of the lagoon of Mayotte during the Holocene (Comoro Archipelago, SW Indian Ocean). Now Professor at University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

1997 – Hildegard Westphal (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. Sediment input and diagenesis of periplatform carbonates on a leeward slope of Great Bahama Bank. Former Director Leibniz-Zentrum für Marine Tropenökologie (ZMT), Bremen, Germany. Now at KAUST (KSA).

1997 – Dierk Blomeier (GEOMAR & CAU-Kiel, Germany), Main supervisor. The evolution of Lower Jurassic carbonate platform: Sequence stratigraphy and sedimentation patterns (Jbel Bou Dahar, High Atlas, Morocco). Formerly employed by Millennia Wellsite Geological Services, United Kingdom and Germany. Now manager family assets.